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July 29, 2013 Prayer (Part 10): Ephesians 1:15-23 – A Prayer for Spiritual Illumination A boy was looking in the attic of his home one day to see what old things he might find that would tell him about his parents when he came upon a box. In the box he discovered pictures of 0
July 29, 2013 Prayer (Part 9): Mark 14:32-42 – The Prayer of Submission As believers we are not exempted from difficulties. It even appears from Scripture that we are likely to see more difficulties than an unbeliever. The difference is that we have somewhere to turn when we face them. The difference of 0
July 29, 2013 Prayer (Part 8): Exodus 33:13 – Getting a Greater Glimpse of God At this time of the year when the air turns crisp, the sun basks in a clear blue pool sky with white foam clouds and the trees begin their autumn change I fall in love once again with fall. There 0
July 29, 2013 Prayer (Park 7): John 14, 15 and 16 – The Promise of Answered Prayer Examined I had never seen the connection between these verses until this previous week. It was interesting how it happened. I had read through the Bible earlier this year in order to note every verse I could find on prayer. I 0
July 29, 2013 Prayer (Part 6): Matthew 6:5-13 – Modeling Real Prayer In October 1999 the Boston Globe ran the following article. “The tuna were running for the first time in 47 years only 30 miles off Cape Cod. And they were biting! Last fall all you needed to catch one was 0
July 29, 2013 Prayer (Part 5): Matthew 6:5-13 – Modeling Real Prayer Chris Carrier of Coral Gables, Florida, was abducted when he was 10 years old. His kidnapper, angry with the boy’s family, burned him with cigarettes, stabbed him numerous times with an ice pick, then shot him in the head and 0
July 29, 2013 Prayer (Part 4): Matthew 6:5-13 – Modeling Real Prayer There once was a man who was a worrywart. He was worried about every detail of his life. One day a close friend saw him and noticed that he was completely relaxed. He didn’t seem to be fretting about anything. 0
July 29, 2013 Prayer (Part 3): Mathew 6:5-13 – Modeling Real Prayer I’m sure that Romulus and Remus couldn’t have imagined that when they had set up a city on a hill in what is now Italy that they would be the twin founders of a kingdom that lasted for multiplied hundreds 0
July 29, 2013 Prayer (Part 2): Matthew 6:5-13 – Modeling Real Prayer Many years ago when Rolex was the watch to have among the elite, a company sold imitation Rolex watches. The watches looked just like a Rolex. They had the name “Rolex” on them. But you could tell that it wasn’t 0
July 29, 2013 Prayer (Part 1): Matthew 6:5-13 – Modeling Real Prayer Perhaps you’ve done it before. You dial someone’s phone number but accidentally press a wrong number. Then you hear that awful tone that pierces your eardrum and voice that says, “The number you have dialed is not service. Please check 0